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Spotlight picture alert!

Here is a handy load of stuff for anyone who ever wanted to know more about Emma Kennedy but was too afraid to ask. Astound your friends with your newfound knowledge! (or don't)

Full Name Emma Kennedy
Real Name Elizabeth Emma Williams
Birthday 28 May 1967
Place of Birth Corby, Northamptonshire
Previous Jobs Qualified solicitor, advert writer, assistant editor of the Chambers Directory of the Legal Profession, waitress, shop assistant
Likes Films, theatre, art, Marmite, laughing, my friends, red wine, good restaurants, toasty socks, comfy duvets, my job
Dislikes People with no manners, beetroot and marzipan
Collects TV and film memorabilia
Favourite Film(s) Star Wars, Being John Malkovich, Flirting With Disaster, Sleeper, Return of the Pink Panther, Blazing Saddles, Delicatessen, Alien, Barton Fink, everything by Tim Burton
Favourite Quote About Me - "I'm trying to imagine Emma Kennedy WITH a personality" Gary Bushell. The Sun
General - "I have misplaced my pants" Homer Simpson on opening the door wearing only a grocery bag

Emma began performing at Oxford University, where she was taking a degree in English. It was there that she met up with Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, and together with others they formed a comedy group, hilariously named The Seven Raymonds (hilarious because there were only six of them, and none of them were called Raymond!) She went on to become President of The Oxford Revue.

After graduating, Emma travelled for a year in America, and while she was there she wrote adverts for soap. On her return she began training as a solicitor and for three years practised in London. In 1995 she saw sense and left the legal profession, and started her performing career. And jolly lucky for us that she did.