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The Lee and Herring Website - Rob The Goblin King Sedgebeer's website on those comedy geniuses Lee and Herring, the masterminds behind When Things Fall Over..., Nostradamus, Sunday Heroes, The Lettuce Family and many many more. And a jolly brilliant site it is too.

TEKAS - The Yahoo! sister club of this site. Join today to show your appreciation of Emma.

Mel & Sue - Mel and Sue's official website.

Clive Pigeon Spotting - Matt and Nick are making a film of sorts. Click here and 'ave a butcher's.

Some Of The Corpses Are Amusing - An absolutely massive website looking at comedy past and present.

A Clockwork Orange - If anyone can actually access this site, can you let me know if it's any good?

Manic Monkey - Kat's absolutely fantabuloso site about everything and nothing

Kippnet - Kip's bellisimo magnifico website, sorry for not including it before mate, what was I thinking?

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