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What's Next

Emma is currently filming a series called Soap Fever, which she is presenting. It's filmed every Sunday with a live audience who are required to participate.

Emma will be appearing in "I Love a Seventies Christmas", broadcast on Christmas Eve, 8.30pm, BBC2, and will also be appearing in "I Love the Eighties" in the new year.

Also coming up, Emma will be reappearing in the new series of People Like Us (filming in February). She will be playing the lead role in The Bank Manager which at the moment is programme five. She has also just done an episode of Absolute Power with Stephen Fry.

The sitcom pilot All Yours which Emma did with Linda Bellingham is not being commissioned. She is, however, working on another sitcom in development for ITV, Behind the Lines, with Ricky Tomlinson and John Thomson.

Sunday Format series 2 has been nominated for a South Bank Show award and a new series of Yes Sir I Can Boogie is planned for March. A new Goodness Gracious Me will be happening next year.

At the moment, Emma is still working on the second draft of her novel. She says, "It's about two girls who have just finished University. One of them discovers she has a brother who lives in America. She goes to find him, and takes her best friend with her who wants to find the largest collection of Edward Hopper paintings in the world. That's the plot, but the book is really about leaving University, not wanting to get on the career treadmill, female friendship and one long summer. It's Flirting with disaster meets Thelma and Louise. And it's funny."